MOTM - Past Seasons

The Ebb Tide awards a "Man of the Match" award to an Ebb Tide player after each match. The award is a Red Blazer with crest and "Man of the Match" insignia. The "lucky" recipient has to wear the blazer to every Ebb Tide function until handed over to the next recipient after the next game.

 Date Opposition MOTM
 Sep 14 Nanaimo JP Lussier
 Sep 28 Legends Craig Schmidt
 Oct 19 SOB Harold Butler
 Nov 9 Nanaimo Shane Muldrew
 Nov 16 Vicars Russ Lasaruk
 Feb 8 JBAA 3rds Paul Dancey
 Feb 15 Evergreens Kym Clarke
 Feb 22 Valley Vintage Andy Dunstan
 Mar 1 Twits Harold Butler
 Mar 8 Snocaps John King
 Mar 15 Nanaimo Rick Williams
 Mar 22 Legends Ted Leonard
 Mar 29 SOB Jim Turner
 May 3 Japan/Powell R N/A
 May 24 Nanaimo Ian "Doc" Waters