February 5, 2021

Earlier today, Dr. Bonnie Henry announced the extension of the current Public Health Order with no definitive end date. This extension maintains the restrictions that are in place for sport as specified in the Gathering and Events Order updated on January 8, 2021. This extension is likely to last the month of February, although Dr. Bonnie Henry made clear the opened ended extension is intentional.


What does this mean for Rugby in 2021?

This latest update from Dr. Bonnie Henry has changed our expectations, pushing out the likely resumption of Phase 3 Rugby to late March. Additionally, from Dr. Henry's comments today, we infer that youth and adult sport will continue to be treated separately.

While we remain hopeful that a spring season of non-contact rugby will be possible, at least for youth, with this extension, we will now be shifting our focus to planning summer and fall programming and leagues to support Club planning. Particularly in reference to inter-club leagues, this will be a collaborative process to design a season that will still need to accommodate COVID restrictions and advisories while offering players meaningful play.

What can be delivered under the current PHO?
Under the current Public Health Order, sanctioned Clubs may only deliver Phase 2 Rugby programming to youth participants with one significant change: all participants must "maintain a distance of three metres from one another while engaged in the group sport".

To comply with both the Public Health Order and Rugby's Phase 2, this means:

  • outdoors only
  • 10 person cohorts
  • 3 metres physical distancing by players and coaches
  • skills and fitness only
  • absolutely no spectators

Please reach out to Brynna Walker, COVID Safety Manager, if you're considering to adapt your Phase 2 COVID Safety Plans to comply with these restrictions. We are here to help.

I will be in touch again next week.

Wishing you all good health and good spirits,

Annabel Kehoe
Chief Executive Officer, BC Rugby