Happy New Year/Hogmanay Ebb Tiders!

For some, this email will be a reminder but for the rest us here’s an update on what’s happening with BCRU and getting back to running around again.

BCRU indicated back in December, in response to PHO restrictions, that Phase 3 resumption (touch rugby practices) will not occur until later in January or sometime in February. Keeping fingers on the pulse, the exec anticipates, realistically, a February restart (so there’s still at least three weeks for personal training to get fit ready for when we get back to it). Another update will be emailed out as soon as confirmation is received from BCRU to resume practice touch sessions… In the meantime, keep an ear to the Facebook page and the website for changes and more information as it becomes available.

Here's to looking at the try line in the coming weeks and cheers!

Chris - Vice President