MOTM - Past Seasons

The Ebb Tide awards a "Man of the Match" award to an Ebb Tide  player after each match.  The award is a Red Blazer with crest and "Man of the Match" insignia.  The "lucky" recipient has to wear the blazer to every Ebb Tide function until handed over to the next recipient after the next game.

Date Opposition MOTM
Sept 17 Nanaimo/Saratoga Jim Armstrong
Sept 24 Gents Ian Ferguson
Oct 22 Saratoga James Meihuizen
Oct 29 Vintage Eric White
Jan 28 Twits Bruce McFarlane
Feb 11 Vintage Gord Oliver
Feb 18 Evergreens Murk
Mar 3 PV Vicars Norm
Mar 31 SOB/Snowcaps Murk
Apr 22 Nanaimo Brian De Clare