Club News

It is the almost the New Year and we are only 17 months to France 2012 tour, we have been quietly working behind the scenes, promoting the tour, collecting deposits, surveying tour members, booking canal cruise boats, reaffirming the tour costs, setting dates. At present we have 25 players, 25 tourists and 10 people on the wish list who cannot commit until spring. We will be opening the tour up other clubs this spring to fill out our players roster - I would like to see another 5 - 8 players fill in the gaps. We have a good mix of forwards and backs, so we will be competitive against the local teams. Rick Williams is coordinating the games so that we are playing "age appropriate" teams.

We are planning a few funding raising social events to get everyone to participate in the planning, and to support the club. I have been tormenting everyone about the tour with my enthusiasm and there is nothing worst than having "Big Wave" on a mission.

The more I research Southern France with the all the possible side trips, the more excited I am about this tour. The tour dates are now set from May 1st to May 22nd with the Midi Canal Tour between May 12th to 19th. Those people doing independent travel can plan their adventures around those dates and can share their experiences with us in Norborne for the final leg of the tour.

Please check out the Ebb Tide Club Website for background information and further updates on the tour.

More to come!

David Millard (Big Wave)