Club News

Twilighters and Friends Tour to Japan and Hong Kong Sevens 2011.

  • Depart for Hong Kong Wednesday 23rd March, meet up with main tour party 29th March, return 13th April.
  • Main Tour Party depart 28th March and return 13th April.

Games against.

  • Osaka and Taipei Giants ( 30 Year Anniversary for the Gentlemen with a Weekend of Festivities )
  • Fuwaku.
  • Tenri Old Bears.
  • Meiwaku.
  • Touwaku.

We are looking at around $2000 for the ground package, with the flights around $1400, unless you are able to use your points. The Hong Kong Sevens will be about $1000 extra.

We have players joining us from all over the globe, so if you are interested please contact myself.

For more information please contact Big Nick at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.