Club News

The awards night turned into the night of the Mad Hatter, with everyone enjoying and wearing a new head piece. With a surprise visit by judge Judy and Sergeant  Slaughter many players had heart burn from their special cocktail that they substituted for fines, awards were presented to

The geezer award  
The big shot Award
Blind tight Award
Most Popular player award
Captains Award
Paddle of the Year

 Bob Love
Ted ( choo choo) Leonard
Dave Millard
Ryan Mathews
Ken Exton

The night ended with a boat race with the winners of the Red jackets against the Cheaters and Chatters, the Cheaters and Chatters won, which is being protested, and at this time the review of the video is still upstairs.  Lots of fun was had by all. A few random pictures are in the photo gallery.