Club Information

The Ebb Tide Rugby Football Club is the oldest continuously operating Over-40 rugby club in British Columbia, Canada. We have active players between the ages of 38 and 70's and active social members well into their 80's.  Social members and visitors are welcome to join us at our regular Thursday evening run-around.

Ebb Tide is a member of the Pacific Northwest Over 40's Rugby Union.

Players are eligible to play at 38 years.

We are trialing group walk-on with bus pick-up/drop-off at Tsawwassen ferry terminal for our lower mainland games in 2013.  It is more cost effective that our current practice of using rental vans and personal vehicles and the club will see significant travel cost savings over the course of several games.  It should also add to the camaraderie and even allow our captain and his assistants an opportunity to discuss ‘game plan’ with the road warriors.

We will meet, as usual, at Chatterton and car-pool to Swartz Bay.  Each car-load will share the cost of parking and gas.  An appointed player will purchase ferry tickets for the group and then hand them out as we pass through to the waiting area.

Our first away game this half is Evergreens March 3, which gives us lots of time to prepare for this change.  More details to come…