Club Information

The Ebb Tide Rugby Football Club is the oldest continuously operating Over-40 rugby club in British Columbia, Canada. We have active players between the ages of 38 and 70's and active social members well into their 80's.  Social members and visitors are welcome to join us at our regular Thursday evening run-around.

Ebb Tide is a member of the Pacific Northwest Over 40's Rugby Union.

Players are eligible to play at 38 years.

MORE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR SATURDAY JANUARY 26 - Helleruud Brown, Dunbar and McKechnie Cups Competition

As posted mid-November, the VIRU has requested the Ebb Tide handle security at Westhill Stadium Saturday January 26 and it has offered us the opportunity to run the 50/50 as compensation. Please let me know if you can commit to working for our club that day to boost our bank account and community profile. 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call: 250-727-2358.

Fourteen of us have stepped forward so far: Harold, Mike & Ramona B, Mike Penner, Hutch, Jim Capron, JP, Drano, Murk, Ian Cameron, Dave Kelpin, Dave Valentine, Eric W and yours truly. Jump on-board and help us make this another successful event courtesy of the Ebb Tide! 

Cheers - 'Prez' Shane

The contestants will be the Fraser Valley, Vancouver and Vancouver Island.  Three games are scheduled Westhill Stadium January 26 starting at 11.30A.M.  Click on the link for more details about the competitions: