Club Information

The Ebb Tide Rugby Football Club is the oldest continuously operating Over-40 rugby club in British Columbia, Canada. We have active players between the ages of 38 and 70's and active social members well into their 80's.  Social members and visitors are welcome to join us at our regular Thursday evening run-around.

Ebb Tide is a member of the Pacific Northwest Over 40's Rugby Union.

Players are eligible to play at 38 years.

Daily Reports of the France 2012 Tour

Throughout the tour Dave & Val will be highlighting some the sights and sounds of experienced by the tourists as well as game results and more...

Posts will also be updated regularly on the Ebb Tide Rugby Social Club Facebook Page

Day Five
Albi R&R we played a hell of a game against a fit young team final score 2-3 for Albi after the 30 year olds came in during the last 5 min. hard hitting game, great hosting , injured reserve list growing. Senior members played 20 min flag rugby 4 for field. Everyone going sightseeing after a little rest period. running out of Props and key players luckily we have 6 days to heal. 

Link to Game Photos courtesy of Gary Shanahan

Day Four
Day 4 Arrived in Albi , pregame wine tour and boys are scouting out the Irish Pub down the street to rehydrate. Big Game and party at the stadium planned. Hoping for a better game result , I expect more of the same tonight. We already have a few more on the injured reserve list.

Day Three
Day 3 recovering from Day2 , Mash Unit put to work sorting out all the aches and pains. Thanks Hotlips, Hawkeye Reinshaw, Doctor Bob, break out the duct tape! Long game and even longer hosting everyone was stepping up to make tackles, all red and gold shorts earned their weight in gold as the game went on the players got younger first 20 min 0-1, second 20 min 0-2 last long twenty min a whole bunch-1 .Mike Penner scored off penalty under posts. We need to adjust to new rules and soldier on against Albi.

Day Two
Dave went for a walk with Bob Love and now have lost the wives & assumed we went shopping ...NOT. Went for a walk with a bunch down to the river & back for lunch &/or naps. Big Game tonight against Toulouse Old Boys they have 45 players lined up to play us is going to be a long day as the bus doesn't bring us back to the hotel until 11pm or later!!!

Day One - May 1st
The Adventure begins, the advance raiding parties have made contact and local Pubs have been scouted out!

Please note:
I have 3 spare jerseys so if anyone wants to surprise us and show up that would be great, they may need to "Hot Bunk" with a "Back",... see I knew I would find a use for the "Little Buggers" and they do not "Mind at All"..... Really !!!!

See everyone back at home in a month

David Millard