Club Information

The Ebb Tide Rugby Football Club is the oldest continuously operating Over-40 rugby club in British Columbia, Canada. We have active players between the ages of 38 and 70's and active social members well into their 80's.  Social members and visitors are welcome to join us at our regular Thursday evening run-around.

Ebb Tide is a member of the Pacific Northwest Over 40's Rugby Union.

Players are eligible to play at 38 years.

Dear Tour member:

A reminder!  There are three deadlines coming up that everyone needs to aware of and act upon to assist the tour committee:

The first has to do with your plans regarding travel. If you are travelling on points, or if you  are not going to France or not coming back with the group,  you have to let our travel agent, Kelly Belanger  know by email at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a copy to Dave at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 15.  We need to know if you are travelling on points so we can confirm numbers and if you are not travelling on the same dates with the rest of the group,or if you are extending your vacation as it may effect your travel costs.

October 15th
Secondly, you have to send Kelly a scan of the  personal data page in your passport , with a copy to Dave, NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 15. If you
haven't done it already, check your passport expiry date NOW. It's easy to remember that you renewed it  two years ago, only to discover that it was actually four years. If you are one of the five people who have already contacted Kelly and informed us this, our thanks.

November 15th
Third deposit of $250/person as requested by Tour Committee is required,

September /October Tour Meeting update
I am trying to find a date for a tour meeting near the end of September to update all tourists and players with regards to tour fundraising efforts, tour kit, assistance with projects, tour list and updated tour costs which I will announce at a later date: we only need to confirm Ground Transportation costs.  All hotels have been confirmed as of August 30th and we have reserved 25 hotel rooms , 5 canal boats,  and 50 airline seats, so we are making progress.


David Millard
Tour Committee Chairman