Club History

This explains some of the calls made during Sunday’s game. I have attached same info in a pdf version.

2010 Law Application Updates

(Tackle, Post Tackle/Ruck, Scrum, 10m- Offside, Obstruction, Maul)

A. Tackle:

  • a. The tackler MUST immediately release the ball and the ball carrier.
  • b. Tackler MUST move/roll away/‘open up’ once ball and ball carrier have been released.
  • c. Tackler NOT to hold on as he gets to his feet.
  • d. Players who make a tackle and remain on their feet MUST release the ball and the ball carrier before they attempt to gain possession.
  • e. What the above mean, is that any player involved in making the tackle, and bringing the ball carrier to ground, must release the ball and the ball carrier, EVEN IF THE TACKLER IS ON HIS FEET & ON THE “RIGHT” SIDE!
  • f. Tackled players are not allowed to crawl with the ball, or get up with the ball unless they have released the ball and got back to their feet before regaining possession.
  • g. All other players who enter legally are then allowed to play the ball provided they remain on their feet.

B. Post Tackle / Ruck:

  • a. If a tackler ends up on the “wrong side” he can only play the ball having initially released it and once back to his feet before the ruck is formed.
  • b. If this player is “beaten” by the ruck, he is not to stay in the space or disrupt the passage of the ball.
  • c. Defensive & Attacking PILLARS once ruck is formed are CLEARLY ahead of the “last foot”. This is especially noticeable near the goal-line. Behaviour needs to change on this “acceptance” of marginal OFFSIDE LINE.

C. Scrum:

  • a. The cadence is to have:
    i. Four distinct calls, namely: crouch, touch, pause, engage.
    ii. It is important to have all to crouch when asked to, front rows to touch when asked to, and then to follow the ‘engage’ call after the ‘pause’ without too long a delay.
  • b. Zero tolerance for non-compliance.
  • c. Allow no individual angles by players but, allow the players to scrum after ensuring that the engagement was fair and correct.
  • d. Backrows must remain bound with full arm until scrum is over.

D. Offside in general play:

  • a. If players are inside the 10m line that extends across the field after where a kick alights or is caught, they MUST retire until they are put onside by their own team.
  • b. Players who are in front of a kicker after a kick MUST STOP and not advance downfield.

E. Obstruction:

  • a. Needs attention at kick offs and restarts so that players from the kicking have direct access to the catcher.

F. Maul:

  • a. At the formation of a maul the defenders must have access to the ball carrier (mainly lineout but also kick off/restarts).
  • b. Players who have been “caught up in the maul”, are legally entitled to be in the maul, and contest the ball carrier. These players who are clearly caught up in the maul and have all rights to contest.
  • c. Ball carriers must have a full arm bind.
  • d. Stationary and sideways mauls are not moving forward. Referees are encouraged to communicate “that’s once” to indicate this.