While there has not been any rugby on the pitch, there are many things going on behind the scenes as we prepare to return to play in the fall in the midst of a pandemic.

Return to Play

Rugby Canada approved a Return To Play Strategy and handed over responsibility for implementing it to provincial rugby unions. You can find a copy of the Strategy and a whole lot more related information on the BCRU website:

Here is the short story:

  • There are 5 phases to the Strategy
  • We are gearing up for the third Phase: Rugby Restarted. This will allow us to play touch rugby with some adjustments. It is scheduled to run from September to December but the start date is subject to the state of the COVID pandemic.
  • Rugby Reinvented is the fourth phase and is scheduled to start in January and would allow for inter-club games of either touch or low-contact rugby.
  • Every club must do a risk assessment and prepare a COVID Safety Management Plan; ours is nearly final.
  • BCRU must approve the Plan and as a club we can only undertake the activities described in the Plan.


Becoming a Society
The club found out recently that in order to be sanctioned by BCRU to start playing rugby again we must be a Society registered under the Society Act. So we are in the process of registering the Ebb Tide Rugby Football Club as a Member Funded Society. On the surface this will not affect members for day to day operations of the club, but it will provide a legal framework to ensure that the club is operated properly.
Based on earlier drafts of non-binding bylaws a new set of bylaws have been drafted based on the Society Act (2016). Executive has approved the bylaws and they will soon be submitted to the membership for approval before they are submitted to the government for registration.
The members’ approval process is outlined below in the AGM section.


The AGM is an important meeting as it allows members to receive the Treasurer’s Report, elect members to executive positions, and vote on any special measures. Normally we would hold a face to face meeting after practice on a Thursday.
These are not normal times!
At its last meeting, executive decided that the AGM will be conducted electronically this year. Here is how it will work:

- When the notice of meeting is sent out to Members in good standing (those that have paid their dues and are entitled to vote) it will include

  • Nominations received for the positions or Treasurer, VP and Social Director;
  • The time period for providing more nominations
  • The society bylaws for review and approval
  • The Treasurer’s Report for review and approval
  • Executive member reports for information
    - Members will be asked to confirm acceptance of this email so that we can confirm we have an electronic quorum.
    - A date will be given to allow members a reasonable to “cast their vote” by return e-mail or possibly an online survey platfor

Golf Tournament Canceled

Due to COVID-19 operational restrictions and delays in construction at the clubhouse, the Cedar Hill Golf Course informed the club that they are unable to accommodate our golf tournament request this year and have canceled it.
They have booked a corresponding date for 2021.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of executive.

Glen Okrainetz