We are now ready to commence registration through the Ebb Tide Rugby Club.  The 2019-20 year runs from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020.

Rugby Canada registration begins from the home site and the member login option at the top


If you are new to registration with Rugby Canada there is a help drop down option from the main screen to help guide you through the steps. Register through the Ebb Tide Rugby Club to give you the necessary membership options.

Those returning to registration should find it easier as you should get a Renew registration option to pick.  You get to forego most of the identification entry unless any personal information has changed. Review your profile.  Proceed as directed.  See below for some important changes.

What’s New: During the registration process you are now to confirm you have completed the World Rugby - Rugby Ready online modules and World Rugby Player Welfare Concussion Management module. Perform the modules or select the appropriate answer.

There will be 3 packages available through the Ebb Tide club.  Pick ONLY ONE package.

  • Masters registration (if you plan only to practice or play Ebb Tide games)
  • Seniors registration (if you plan to play in Senior league games and Masters level games)
  • Ebb Tide Executive – this is not a playing nor practicing membership. This is for Executive members who are unable to participate in training or playing.

The Rugby Canada registration fees have been reduced by $5 across the board for all membership types including Seniors and Masters level.  BC Rugby portion remains the same at $7

The total cost should come out to the following:

  • Masters registration - $76.34
  • Seniors registration - $130.55

** NOTE: This year we are going to be stricter on who can play in Ebb Tide games.  If you are not registered with Rugby Canada you can’t play.  A list of members who are registered with Rugby Canada will be available to the Executive and team captain before each game and if you are not on it, you can’t play that day.  In addition, you also need to be registered to participate at practices.  For practices, exceptions might be made for new players, but you need to clear it with an Executive member.  If you are registered outside of the Ebb Tide club then you need to let me know.

Darren Kovacs

Ebb Tide Registrar