56857732 2073176906084556 3222447368720875520 nThe weather was iffy in Nanaimo on Sunday but participation was even more perilous. 15 Ebb Tide players made their way over the Malahat and were met by 17 Yoos to Bees. With three Ebb Tide players injured over the course of the match, one Yoos to Bee crossed the pitch to join the Tide – much appreciated. Then we pared back to 14 then 13 aside.

The wily Ian Cameron our yellow short winger caused Nanaimo no end of confusion and played the entire game with no breaks. when he went into contact with the Nanaimo player, they had to stop reset from a Ruck and commit two players to restart. Basically Ian took two players out of the play at each tackle.
I am sure Ian would appreciate a nice glass of wine or two from the home bodies that missed the game.

Almost a Red Jacket performance but he skipped out before we could award it to him so the other Ian Ward was awarded the jacket for his hard work out of position but played like a man possessed.( who also was concussed during the game)

Harold Butler was doing his best to imitate Ray Ramsey with a Broken Nose and needed it straighten when we got home.
In the end, Nanaimo lads outlasted the Road Warriors by a score of 6 – 3 but served up a delicious hosting post-game.

Try scorers: Dave Jacks, Kevan Letawske and Paul Eby. Man of the Match was Ian Ward.