Fifteen road warriors, plus Bob Love as trainer, made the trip Sunday to Abbotsford. Spares were needed, but at least we started the game with a full squad! The Originals, as usual at home, fielded a strong team though didn’t have many on the bench.

Geoff left the game early with a torn calf, our first injury. Jamie Hannivan  followed shortly after with a broken collar bone, then John Romphf with a bad back. Abby was kind enough to lend a quality player but with their short bench we ended up 14 on 14, and finally 13 on 13. The opposition back line made good use of the extra space, running in 8 tries to our 2. Their “new guy who has never played rugby before” turned out to be an ex-CFL player. Ouch.

Scorers for Ebb Tide were Cobra and Deryl Townsend (our new prop from Fort Mac). Our red jacket went to Tim Walshaw for a great deal of high performance tackling out on the wing. The Originals selected either Deryl Townsend or Jay Jimmo as man of the match, some confusion there as they seemed surprised to find out that we had two “big bald props”.