The Gentleman Club of Osaka are coming to Canada to participate in the Twit’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations on Sunday May 3, 2015. They (Gentlemen) will be traveling to Victoria and playing a game against the Ebb Tide on Thursday May 7, 2015.

By May, we will be practicing at Windsor Park. The games against the Gentlemen will be at Windsor Park with a 5:00 PM kick-off, followed by a reception/dinner at the White Eagle Hall in James Bay.

The cost for the dinner will be $60 per person with an open bar. The ticket cost has been adjusted to address increased catering costs.

Dave Knox is selling dinner tickets and will be at practice Thursdays. Advance ticket sales are essential to calculate numbers for catering. There will be no tickets sold at the door. Please make arrangement to get your tickets.  

The Ebb Tide has a long tradition with the Japanese clubs as contained in the club History book. With 54 Japanese tourists, the Ebb Tide needs a good showing of at least that number at the dinner. For the new members this is a good opportunity to join in this tradition.

Mandatory dress for the dinner is club #1's.
Black or dark blue blazer with club crest, white shirt, club tie, grey trousers, black shoes.

Crests and ties ($25 each) can be purchased from Dave Valentine at practice on Thursdays.

Here is the itinerary