The Ebb Tide Rugby Football Club is the oldest continuously operating Over-40 rugby club in British Columbia, Canada. We have active players between the ages of 38 and 70's and active social members well into their 80's.  Social members and visitors are welcome to join us at our regular Thursday evening run-around.

Ebb Tide is a member of the Pacific Northwest Over 40's Rugby Union.

Players are eligible to play at 38 years.

France Tour Update - September 1, 2011

Dear Tour member:

A reminder

There are three deadlines coming up that everyone needs to aware of and act upon to assist the tour committee:

The first has to do with your plans regarding travel. If you are travelling on points, or if you  are not going to France or not coming back with the group,  you have to let our travel agent, Kelly Belanger  know by email at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a copy to Dave at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 15.  We need to know if you are travelling on points so we can confirm numbers and if you are not travelling on the same dates with the rest of the group,or if you are extending your vacation as it may effect your travel costs.

October 15th
Secondly, you have to send Kelly a scan of the  personal data page in your passport , with a copy to Dave, NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 15. If you
haven't done it already, check your passport expiry date NOW. It's easy to remember that you renewed it  two years ago, only to discover that it was actually four years. If you are one of the five people who have already contacted Kelly and informed us this, our thanks.

November 15th
Third deposit of $250/person as requested by Tour Committee is required,

September /October Tour Meeting update
I am trying to find a date for a tour meeting near the end of September to update all tourists and players with regards to tour fundraising efforts, tour kit, assistance with projects, tour list and updated tour costs which I will announce at a later date: we only need to confirm Ground Transportation costs.  All hotels have been confirmed as of August 30th and we have reserved 25 hotel rooms , 5 canal boats,  and 50 airline seats, so we are making progress.


David Millard
Tour Committee Chairman

Tour Notice - 2nd Deposit Required


All tour members your second deposit cheque of $500 per person is now due and I will be collecting them at this practice and at the Sunday game.

Everyone will have contributed $650 /person to date.  Our travel agent Kelly will start making airlines, hotel and ground transportation arrangements as of May 1st, we need to have funds to make those deposits so timing is now critical.

Over the next month or so we will collecting other travel information from everyone with regards to tour extensions, traveling on points, special arrangements and any other items that are different than the basic tour.

If you are on the fence about coming on tour this would be a good time to declare your intentions as we are opening the tour up to other clubs.

David Millard (Tour Chair)

Time to practice your French

 It is the almost the New Year and we are only 17 months to France 2012 tour, we have been quietly working behind the scenes, promoting the tour, collecting deposits, surveying tour members, booking canal cruise boats, reaffirming the tour costs, setting dates. At present we have 25 players, 25 tourists and 10 people on the wish list who cannot commit until spring. We will be opening the tour up other clubs this spring to fill out our players roster - I would like to see another 5 - 8 players fill in the gaps. We have a good mix of forwards and backs, so we will be competitive against the local teams. Rick Williams is coordinating the games so that we are playing "age appropriate" teams. 

We are planning a few funding raising social events to get everyone to participate in the planning, and to support the club. I have been tormenting everyone about the tour with my enthusiasm and there is nothing worst than having "Big Wave" on a mission.

The more I research Southern France with the all the possible side trips, the more excited I am about this tour. The tour dates are now set from May 1st to May 22nd with the Midi Canal Tour between May 12th to 19th. Those people doing independent travel can plan their adventures around those dates and can share their experiences with us in Norborne for the final leg of the tour.

Please check out the Ebb Tide Club Website for background information and further updates on the tour.

More to come!

David Millard (Big Wave)

Bonjour to all my Fellow Tour Members

The expression of interest to join us on a tour to Southern France in May 2012 has been overwhelming and we are now in a position to start collecting the required

Non-refundable tour deposit of $150 /person by November 15th / 2010, this will secure your position on the tour.

There will be a second deposit required in April 2011 and the final payment in February / March 2012 based on our travel agent requirements which we will advise everyone later this fall on the amounts.

The deposit cheque is to be made out to EBB TIDE RFC reference the cheque as FRANCE 2012 this is the tour fund, which is separate to the Club operational accounts, and can be hand delivered to Bryan Harrap or David Millard or mailed to us at our home addresses:

David Millard
705 Eastridge Place
Victoria BC
V8Z 6B9 or

Bryan Harrap
6230 Marie Meadows Rd
Victoria, BC
V8Z 5Z8

As a result of the strong expression of interest the committee has set the maximum tour size as 70 people including all players and tourists.  We will be opening the tour up other clubs based on the needs of the team after November 30th/2010.  The document below will update all members on our progress todate, it is now time for everyone to step up and make our deposits.

Thanks everyone for your support

David Millard  (Tour Chair)
705 Eastridge Place
Victoria BC
V8Z 6B9
250 479-8983

Southern France Tour Announcement

Gentleman / Ladies

I am seeking your expression of interest and commitment to join us on a tour to Southern France in April / May 2012.
I am also requesting any interested people willing to step and join me in forming the tour committee to coordinate the planning and take on some fund raising events for tour extras.
Please respond by return email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so we can determine how many club members we have committed so we can know what positions we will need to fill. 

  • We need a minimum 30 active fit players and the balance will be tourists and wives.

  • The maximum tour size needs to be limited to 50 people.

So wives "it is first come, first served" so that should get the guys off their thumbs

Background information

At the Annual General Meeting on March 20th/10, I was please to present the Proposed Tour to Southern France 2012 to the club and received overwhelming support to proceed with the planning of the next official EBB TIDE RFC Tour.   We have now coined the Theme  "The End of Time Tour" based on the Mayan calendar. (Thanks Rick (Kyle) for brilliant idea).
The tour as proposed is based on Rick Williams his personal knowledge of the area and has so many possibilities to be an incredible time similar to our Chile, Japan, and New Zealand tours.  (Thanks Rick for mapping out this tour).
This tour will celebrate our 40th anniversary as a club and will become one of the planned events for the club for that year.

Tour Itinerary

The tour is planned as a 22 day Spring tour to Toulouse (3 nights stay) continuing to Albi, (3 nights stay) and Carcasonne (3 nights stay), a 7 day Midi Canal boat tour to Narbonne (4 nights) before returning to Toulouse for the return flight to home through Paris.  The tour has been reviewed by our Travel Agent and is estimated at $3500 / person, which is now the budget we will endeavor to maintain.  We are planning at most 4 games of rugby against teams of similar ages as well; if possible take in some local games. Southern France has a strong rugby culture so we should able to drum up some interest.

As I mentioned there is a 7-day canal tour based on 8 people / boat, so you can imagine a 6 -7 boat raiding party descending on some unsuspecting townships. It also provides the "Commander " an opportunity to have his own squadron to lead.  This component allows us to minimize our costs and stretch out the tour, and what a great way to see the countryside.

There will be many opportunities for individual exploring and side trips of the surrounding areas as we are planning to stay at least 3 - 4 days in each city along the way.

On the return flight we will have to depart through Paris, so if any one wishes to extend their vacation there will be opportunity to deviate from the planned tour. I will be working out those details and will advise everyone at a later date.  We will only open the tour up to other clubs after we have exhausted our club and preferred friends’ lists in consultation with club executive and tour committee.  This tour will also provide us the opportunity to recruit some new blood to the club.

Attached are links to web sites of the cities, and the areas we will travel through, Midi Canal tour, and general tour information. Planned Itinerary, and budget information for your review.



Boat Cruise:

The Midi-Robine Cruise itinerary is the proposed canal tour.   See websites below for information:

Tour Budget

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Air Fare Victoria to Toulouse Return



Toulouse Hotel Stay 3 nights



Albi Hotel Stay 3 nights



Carcassonne Hotel Stay 3 nights



Midi Canal 7 day canal tour (self driven) 8 person/boat



Narbonne Hotel Stay 4 nights



Ground transportation all cities / transfer



Total Tour Budget Cost Estimate based on travel agent quotations and review.


Tour Itineraries

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Flights Victoria to Toulouse (Air Canada), Victoria to Montreal, Paris France with connecting flight to Toulouse Transfer to Hotel

1 day


Toulouse France, play 1 game, sightseeing

3 days


Bus to Albi play 1 game, sightseeing

3 days


Bus to Carcassonne play 1 game, sightseeing

3 days


Bus to Trebes to start canal Tour

Midi Canal Tour (self driven) 8 person/boat, visiting small townships, pubs, relaxing or raiding small towns.

7 days


Transfer Narbonne Hotel play 1 game, sightseeing,

Wine tours, watch some local rugby

4 days


Bus back to Toulouse (4 hours) return flight through Paris / Montreal /Victoria

1 day


Duration of proposed tour

22 days

Optional individual stay in Paris if required can be arranged through our travel agent

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Seiki Fujii (2002)



MacDonald Park
James Bay Athletic Association
205 Simcoe Street, Victoria, BC
Tel: (250) 388-7441

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Thursdays from 5:30 - 6:30 pm
at Bullen Park next Esquimalt Recreation Centre
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The club has prepared a set of By Laws (Guidelines) for all club activities so that new and old members can have a reference for club operations and protocols.

These By Laws were approved at a special members meeting on March 12, 2008.











In the spring of 1972, a fellow by the name of Bob Hutchison sent letters to all past Crimson Tide players asking them and their playing friends if they would be interested in forming an over-40 team to play against a Japanese side that would be visiting in the fall.

The response was enthusiastic and players began practicing under the coaching of David McKenzie. When David found it difficult to get to all the practices, he handed the coaching responsibilities to Peter Clarke. Peter ran the guys hard and enthusiasm grew until October 5, 1972 when more than 30 players were on hand for the first Ebb Tide RFC game against the Wak Wak of Osaka Japan.

The Wak Wak, organized in 1948, are not the oldest over-40 rugby club in Japan—that honour goes to the Fuwaku Rugby Club of Tokyo which was created in 1947.

Ebb Tide was selected as the name for the new Victoria rugby club as this was the name used when ex-Crimson Tide players occasionally played an oldies game.

The Wak Wak tour demonstrated the great value of over-40 rugby and an invitation to visit Japan in 1974 cemented the resolve for the Ebb Tide to become a permanent team.

The first executive was formed with Harry Turner as President, John Skillings as Vice President, Ross Irving as Secretary-Treasurer and Frank Gower as Director at Large.

As the only other over-40 side in BC at that time was the WHOI WHOI in Vancouver, the Ebb Tide played in the Third Division and picked-up games against high schools and the Royal Roads Military Academy.

Harry turner was the first President through the 1970s and into the 80s. He was followed by Sonny Vickery, Jack Fleming, Dave Carmichael, Brian Beglau, John Azar, Dave Valentine and the current President Shane Muldrew.

The Ebb Tide celebrated its 40th year in 2012 and planned a series of events.

The history continues...