The Ebb Tide Rugby Football Club is the oldest continuously operating Over-40 rugby club in British Columbia, Canada. We have active players between the ages of 38 and 70's and active social members well into their 80's.  Social members and visitors are welcome to join us at our regular Thursday evening run-around.  Ebb Tide is a member of the Pacific Northwest Over 40's Rugby Union.

Players are eligible to play at 38 years.

Glen Okrainetz President 250 813-2281
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Vice President 250 479-8983
Dave Knox Secretary 250 380-1443
Jim Capron Treasurer 250 474-2138
Paul Eby Captain 250 475-9592
Tim Walshaw Social Director  
Murk Toorenburgh Fields 250 652-0206
Dave Valentine Quartermaster 250 385-6674
Darren Kovacs Registrar 250 294-5084
Chris Poulton Member at Large  

For away games the Ebb Tide meets at the corner of Chatterton and Quadra

Car pools leave no later than 7:45 am to make the 9:00 am ferry.

Tom Stobart died Sunday evening, February 12, 2012.  Tom died peacefully with his family by his side. That is an important part of the story – but it is only part of the story.  In fact Tom lives on through his children, Nicole, Buck, and Steph, in the child that Nicole is carrying and in the heart and mind of loving wife Susan.

But it does not stop there.  From the moment he arrived in Victoria, leaving his East Vancouver Red Lions Rugby Club behind and joining the Castaways (now Castaway Wanderers), he became a force on the local rugby scene.  A powerful front row forward with a hard man work ethic, Tom more than held his own with any prop he encountered.  When his playing days ended, Tom immersed himself in coaching the game he loved.  He coached at Belmont High School and also at Castaways with the club junior men’s team.  This was over a ten year commitment as a community volunteer.  Beside him through all these years were longtime Castaways players Larry Chung and Rob Tait.  A number of CW men today got their start under the watchful eyes of Tom, Larry and Rob.

While the Castaway Wanderers were busy winning three BC Championship banners, these three men led the CW juniors to two BC Championships and a third BC Finals.  These three also coached the lower island (zone 6 in BC Games parlance) to a number of BC Games gold medal performances.  In addition, Tom became a valued selector and scout for both BC and Canada in the junior men’s arena.  Tom loved the game and fully committed to the sport in every way that he could.  His influence and steady hand guided many young men through issues on and off the rugby field.  Tom was a giant of a man and a giant, rock solid influence on a whole generation of men fortunate enough to play under and come to know him.

Tom Stobart.  Remember that name. He was a man of influence and he lives on in many stories and in many hearts. He garnered respect, admiration and love for who he was.

- Chris Spicer, President, Castaway Wanderers Rugby Football Club. February 13, 2012

Tom also played a few seasons with Ebb Tide.  His celebration of life was held February 24 at the Victoria Conservatory of Music.  The turnout was overwhelming and the service was outstanding.  The former was a testament to the admiration and respect that Tom earned in all walks of his life, and the latter more than met his wish for a celebration "with none of that funeral behaviour!"  Rugby was well represented at the service with players from different clubs and from across different generations.  Rugby bonds us together like no other sport, and it connects us with wonderful people that inspire us on and off the field.  Tom was one of those people and he will be sorely missed by all who knew him.  Rest in peace, Tom.

- Shane Muldrew, President, Ebb Tide RFC & one of Tom's Castaways (now CW) teammates.

The new ET Classifieds section is provided to Ebb Tide Club Members as a service to advertise personal goods for sale. Guidelines have been created to help assist Ebb Tide members about what is appropriate and not appropriate to advertise.  The main goal of these guidelines is to prevent private businesses and organizations from benefitting from a service that is provided to our club members.

The following items are appropriate to advertise on the ET Classifieds:

  • The sale of a Good or Item that a ET Member Owns
  • The sale of a Property that a ET Member Owns
  • The rental of a property that a ET Member Owns
  • Personal Fundraising. i.e. selling chocolates/flowers for a school/team fundraiser

The following are items not appropriate to advertise on ET Classifieds:

  • Any goods or services that a private business supplies
  • Any goods or services provided by a ET Member’s Business 
  • Any requests for employment from a private business or organization 
  • The rental of a property that is managed by a private group or business 
  • The sale of a property by a private group or business

Please choose an appropriate category when submitting an item:

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If you would like to submit an item please use the Item Submission Form

Tour Itinerary

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2006 Activity - Travel Arrangements Daily Itinerary
March 2 Depart Town & Country 5:00 pm Ferry to Vancouver
March 3
Depart Hotel
Depart Vancouver Airport
8:30 am for Airport
JAL flight #17 at 11:15 am
March 4 Arrive in Tokyo - Narita 2:15 pm Transfer by coach to hotel: Evening free
March 5 GAME vs FU-WAKU Morning free: to rugby ground by coach, Banquet to follow
March 6
Depart Tokyo for Nagoya
Bullet Train
Arrive in Nagoya, transfer to Hotel
Evening free
March 7 Nagoya Sightseeing Day
March 8 GAME vs TO-WAKU Morning free: to rugby ground by coach, Banquet to follow
March 9 Depart Nagoya for Osaka by coach Sightseeing and lunch along the way
March 10 Osaka Sightseeing in Koyoto - full day
March 11 GAME vs Old Bears Morning free: to rugby ground by coach, Banquet to follow
March 12 Osaka Free Day
March 13 GAME vs WAKU-WAKU Morning free: to rugby ground by coach, Banquet to follow
March 14 Osaka Free Day
March 15 Osaka Free Day
March 16 GAME vs GENTLEMEN Morning free: to rugby ground by coach, Banquet to follow
March 17 Osaka Free Day
March 18

Depart Osaka, Irami
Arrive in Tokyo, Narita @ 9:50 am
Depart Tokyo, Narita @ 9:50 am
Arrive in Vancouver 10:30 am
Coach to Ferry
JAL #3002 @ 8:40 am

JAL #18 @ 6:00 pm

1:00 pm Ferry to Victoria

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Date  Tour Day Itinerary  

Sun Apr 5


Leave Victoria for New Zealand

In Air

Tue Apr 7

Day 1

Arrive Queenstown Airport > Bus from Airport > Tour shot over


Wed Apr 8

Day 2

Bus to Christchurch  (Team Training)


Thu Apr 9

Day 3

Christchurch  (game day bus required to game and back)


Fri Apr n10

Day 4

Christchurch  (City Tour)


Sat Apr 11

Day 5

Bus to Hanmer hot springs  (Team Training)


Sun Apr 12

Day 6

Bus to Picton (walk on ferry to Wellington) > Bus pickup


Mon Apr 13

Day 7

Wellington  (game day bus required to game and back)


Tue Apr 14

Day 8

Wellington Tour  (No bus required)


Wed Apr 15

Day 9

Bus travel to Napier (Sister City to Victoria) > Team Training


Thu Apr 16

Day 10

Napier  (game day bus required to game and back)


Fri Apr 17

Day 11

Bus travel to Rotorua > Sight seeing


Sat Apr 18

Day 12

Rotorua  (game day bus required to game and back)


Sun Apr 19

Day 13

Bus travel to Auckland via The Mount  (Marae stay)


Mon Apr 20

Day 14

Auckland  (game day bus required to game and back)


Tue Apr 21

Day 15

Auckland (Kawau Kat ferry ride to Waiheke Is.)


Wed Apr 22

Day 16

Bus travel to Northland tour  (over night stay Waitangi)


Thu Apr 23

Day 17

Bus travel to North Shore > Game day Navy


Fri Apr 24

Day 18

Free day > North Shore sight seeing


Sat Apr 25

Day 19

Free day to tour around Auckland/North Shore


Sun Apr 26

Day 20

Bus to Auckland International Airport to Victoria Canada


Background information

At the Annual General Meeting on March 20th/10, I was please to present the Proposed Tour to Southern France 2012 to the club and received overwhelming support to proceed with the planning of the next official EBB TIDE RFC Tour.   We have now coined the Theme  "The End of Time Tour" based on the Mayan calendar. (Thanks Rick (Kyle) for brilliant idea). The tour as proposed is based on Rick Williams his personal knowledge of the area and has so many possibilities to be an incredible time similar to our Chile, Japan, and New Zealand tours.  (Thanks Rick for mapping out this tour). This tour will celebrate our 40th anniversary as a club and will become one of the planned events for the club for that year.

Tour Itinerary

The tour is planned as a 22 day Spring tour to Toulouse (3 nights stay) continuing to Albi, (3 nights stay) and Carcasonne (3 nights stay), a 7 day Midi Canal boat tour to Narbonne (4 nights) before returning to Toulouse for the return flight to home through Paris.  The tour has been reviewed by our Travel Agent and is estimated at $3500 / person, which is now the budget we will endeavor to maintain.  We are planning at most 4 games of rugby against teams of similar ages as well; if possible take in some local games. Southern France has a strong rugby culture so we should able to drum up some interest. As I mentioned there is a 7-day canal tour based on 8 people / boat, so you can imagine a 6 -7 boat raiding party descending on some unsuspecting townships. It also provides the "Commander " an opportunity to have his own squadron to lead.  This component allows us to minimize our costs and stretch out the tour, and what a great way to see the countryside. There will be many opportunities for individual exploring and side trips of the surrounding areas as we are planning to stay at least 3 - 4 days in each city along the way.

On the return flight we will have to depart through Paris, so if any one wishes to extend their vacation there will be opportunity to deviate from the planned tour. I will be working out those details and will advise everyone at a later date.  We will only open the tour up to other clubs after we have exhausted our club and preferred friends’ lists in consultation with club executive and tour committee.  This tour will also provide us the opportunity to recruit some new blood to the club. Attached are links to web sites of the cities, and the areas we will travel through, Midi Canal tour, and general tour information. Planned Itinerary, and budget information for your review.



Boat Cruise:

The Midi-Robine Cruise itinerary is the proposed canal tour.   See websites below for information:


Glen Okrainetz  2013 - present
Shane Muldrew  2007 - 2013
Dave "Val" Valentine  2003 - 2006
John "Murdo" Azar  2001 - 2002
Brian Beglau  1997 - 2000
Dave Carmichael  1993 - 1996
Jack Fleming  1991 - 1992
Sonny Vickery  1989 - 1990
Ross Irving  1988 - 1989
Jack Fleming  1984 - 1987
Harry Turner  1972 - 1983


Paul Eby  2016- present
Harold Butler  2013 - 2016
Gord Oliver  2010 - 2012
Jim Zosiak  2003 - 2009
Kym Clarke  1999 - 2002
Derwin Phillips  1993 - 1998
Garry Hawe  1986 - 1992
Gerry Main  1972 - 1985

Lifetime Members (Canadian)

Jean-Pierre (JP) Lussier (2017)
Shane Muldrew (2017)
Bruce McFarlane (2013)
Dave Knox (2012)
David Valentine (2007)
John Azar
Brian Beglau
Sonny Vickery
Jack Fleming
Frank Gower
Gary Hawe
Ray Ramsay
Harry Turner

Lifetime Members (International)

Seiki Fujii (2002)
Hagi Nagai
Douglas Katsuna
Kanji Enomoto
Seichi Mayashita
Tetsuya Matsumaru

MacDonald Park
James Bay Athletic Association
205 Simcoe Street, Victoria, BC
Tel: (250) 388-7441

To check the field status, click here

Thursdays from 5:30 - 6:30 pm
at Bullen Park next Esquimalt Recreation Centre
Changeroom #4 in Arena
527 Fraser Street, Esquimalt BC
Tel: 250.412.8500

To see if Bullen is open or closed, click here to check the field status.